Caring for your new Bullmastiff







Preparing For Your New Bullmastiff

     A crate of sufficient size for a fast growing dog
     Bedding that can be easily washed and dried
     An adjustable flat collar
     2 stainless steel, ceramic or glass dog bowls (plastic not recommended)
     Soft thistle brush, fine toothed flea comb, rubber curry comb and nail clippers
     Cleaning supplies for accidents on the floor and carpet (Nature's Miracle or Odor Ban)
     Paper towels and old clean rags
     Toys: soft fleece or furry toys, a medium ball and chew toys
     High quality dog food for you large breed puppies

Housetraining Your Bullmastiff

  Restrict the pup to a small sleeping area such as a crate
  Diligently watch the puppy whenever it is playing or at large in the house
  Take time for frequent trips outdoors
  Stay up late at night and get up early in the morning (as much as possible) to avoid accidents
  Success relies on Consistency with training!

Bringing Your Bullmastiff Home

  Keep noise and confusion to a minimum as this is a tiring and traumatic event for the dog
  From day 1, take the dog outside to the place you want him to eliminate
  Let the puppy explore his surroundings and find some new toys, but always keep the puppy in  sight
  After 20-40 minutes of play/exploration, take the pup back outside to relieve itself

Grooming Tips

  Brush the dog anytime you have the chance (to clean and also calm the dog)
  Check the teeth for tartar and examine the coat for parasites regularly
  Wash a pup's face with a warm, wet cloth at least once or twice a day or after each meal
  Keep water out of the ears because of common ear infections with the breed - get an ear cleanser from the vet
  It is very important to trim the dogs nails - if you are not comfortable doing this, see your vet or pet groomer.




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