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                    Puppy Champ

 This is Chester he was born on June 26, 2007. He weighs 140lbs., and is 26 inches tall. Chester is the most sweet tempered bullmastiff I've ever encountered. He loves going to the dog park, as he is is not dog aggressive, and enjoys meeting new people as well.

   Chester's 1st win as a puppy

Watch "NEW" video of Chester during summer 2012. Taken by Laura.

Photos of Chester

Chester's Pedigree Papers

Chester is also CGC and TDI certified. He is a certified therapy dog. He has had his heart and eyes certified and is in excellent health. Chester comes from a healthful champion bloodline. We hope to finish him this year as he has won best of breed twice. He is very square and sturdy with an unbelievably solid back end.
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